Cornwall-based illustrator and artist, Caitlin McLintock, has been honing her skills in watercolour and ink pen since finishing her illustration degree in 2017. Her signature style focuses on isolating a limited colour palette before crosshatching in detail to bring every piece to life. She began exploring this process when capturing the idyllic landscapes surrounding the small fishing town where she grew up, before moving onto subjects such as wildlife and portraiture. 


Whilst combining her talent for emulating the beauty of scenic views with her passion for our environment, she depicts the character, vibrance and transience of the natural world.

  • 'AWENI' Exhibition 2019 Link Here

  • Porthleven Food Festival 10th Anniversary Poster and brochure Link Here

  • 'Three Porthleven Artists' Exhibition 2018

  • Town trail map, plaques and brochure cover Link Here

  • BBC's Debbie McCrory Radio Interview 2018 Link Here

  • Charity Baulk Auction 2016 Link Here

  • Adobe Certified Associate 2016

  • Lido Day Poster 2014 Link Here

  • Tribe Magazine Mr Mead interview Link Here


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Landscape - Wildlife - Portraiture